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Normande -cow- France

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• Norman
• Normanda (Argentina)
• Normandy

The Normande is a large-bodied dairy breed whose fat and protein levels approach the Jersey’s. (SNP genetic studies show the Normande to be close to the Guernsey and Jersey.) High milk protein is desired in cheesemaking and traditionally Normande milk is processed into the famous Camembert and also the less well-known Pont Leveque cheeses.

The Normande developed during the 18th century mostly from the following local strains:
Cotentin - found in the department of La Manche
Augeronne - thought to be largely of Dutch descent
Cauchoise - a less well-known strain of Pays de Caux, Seine-Martime

Durham cattle were also used starting in 1836 to improve conformation and provide early maturity even though the Durham lacked dairy aptitude and was considered unsuitable for draught.

The Normande coat, considered to have one of the most complex sets of coat color patterns in European cattle, has undefined patches and spots on a white or blond background and can be:
• chestnut
• dark brown
• very dark brown
The patches and spots and background can be all be brindled; ‘spectacles’ around the eyes are often present.

Countries the Normande has been exported to include:
• Colombia
• Eastern Europe (in 2000)
• South America (in 1877)
• United Kingdom
• USA (in 2000)

Normande -cow- France Normande -young bull- France

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