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Murray Grey -heifer- Australia

Murray Grey
(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

The Murray Grey breed was started in 1905 on a property in the Murray River valley in southern Australia with a cross between a light roan Shorthorn and various Aberdeen-Angus bulls. Between 1905 and 1917, twelve light-grey calves were produced.

This was curious because the expectation was that the calves would be black. The female light-grey calves were then crossed with Aberdeen-Angus bulls — finally resulting in a new beef breed (which is, basically, a grey-dun Aberdeen-Angus).

A Murray Grey breed society was formed in 1962.

Murray Greys have been exported to:
• Australia
• Canada (1972)
• Paraguay
• USA (1969)
• UK (1973)

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