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Murboden -bull- Austria

(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
(local/other name):
• Murboden-Mürztaler
• Steire
• Steirer
(historical breed name - English):
• Slovenian
(historical breed name - Slovenian):
• Muricidolska
• Pomurska
• Pomurska govece
• Pomursko ali pšenično govedo
• Pšenična (= wheaten)
• Svetlolisata

The Murboden, a mountain breed, is located in Styria (a state in southern Austria). The Mur (Mura in Slovenia) is the largest river in Styria. The name ‘Murbodner’ essentially means ‘from the slopes beside the river Mur’.

The Murboden began development in 1850 and is a composite of Bergscheck (Bergschecken), Mariahof (Mariahofer) and Mürztal (Mürztaler). Considerable crossing with the Gelbvieh started in 1945. By 1983, only 500 Murboden were left and a conservation program was initiated. Genetic studies from 2012 then showed a vast introgression of Simmental genes, so in situ and in vitro conservation programs are now in place.

The Murboden was once a triple-purpose breed used for draught (mainly), dairy and beef. Currently they are bred for vegetation management and their high quality meat (sold by ALMO - a packager in Austria for meat from mountain farms).

The Murboden has a distinctive blue nose with a lighter-colored triangular area (called a ‘Herzl’) starting at the upper lip and tapering between the nostrils. Breeders are particular about their appearance; restrictions include:
• black tail switch
• light yellow to reddish-yellow coat
• darker neck and shoulders on bulls
• a lighter color (except white) tolerated only in young animals
• red-colored coats not desired

The Murboden (as Muricidolska, later named Pomurska) was introduced to Slovenia after 1868, however it is now extinct in Slovenia (as of 1967) due to crossing with the Swiss Brown and the Simmental.

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