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Mantiqueira - Brazil

(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Tribofe

The Mantiqueira is a dairy composite breed of:

Friesian (5/8) × Gir (3/8)

The Mantiqueira is in formation at Instituto de Zootecnia (Zootechnics Institute), in the municipality of Pindamonhangaba, located in the Paraíba valley in São Paulo state, Brazil.

The name ‘Mantiqueira’ comes from the Serra de Mantiqueira, a mountain range in southeastern Brazil, with parts in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

The Mantiqueira’s white and black coat color is basically the inverse of a Friesian coat.

(Portuguese) Tribofe = 3 lungs (referring to physical fitness)

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