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Limousin -bull- France

(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
(local/other name):
• La race Limousine
• Limuzin (Azerbaijan)
• Tiroler Fleckvieh (Austria)
• Tyrol Spotted (Austria)

The Limousin developed on the western side of the Massif Central and is now widespread in France, especially in:
• Limousin
• Lorraine
• Midi-Pyrenées
• Pays de Loire

The Limousin was originally used for draught and is now a popular beef breed. Pure breeding began in 1850; the first herdbook was established in 1886.

In the Limousin, one mutation, known as F94L, is present at high frequency (94%) (Vankan et al., 2010) which is associated with increased beef yield — but without adverse effects on ease of calving, or poor fertility (and other important traits associated with other mutations of this kind). And, because there is also heritable variation in docility, this trait can be selected for in the Limousin.

There is a genetic test for selection for polledness (also of interest to breeders). Australia may have proceeded with achieving this by crossing with Aberdeen-Angus.

The Limousin has been exported for use to over 60 countries.

Former varieties (now extinct) of the Limousin include:
• Meymac
• Meyssac
• Treignac
• Vendonnais

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