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Kuri -cow- Cameroon/Chad/Niger/Nigeria

(transboundary/brand name)
(most common name in Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria)

(most common name):
Kouri (Chad)
(local/other name):
• Baharié (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Bare (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Borrié (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Boudouma (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Budduma
• Buduma (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Budumu
• Chad (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Dongolé (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Kuburi (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)
• Kuri (Chad)
local/other name (English):
• White Lake Chad
• White Lake Chad cattle
local/other name (French):
• Kouri (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria)

The Kuri is native to the islands and shores of Lake Chad. It’s here that the borders of Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria meet.

Kuri cattle have large, puffed horns and have stayed relatively free of any zebu influence.

Tribesmen select each Kuri for their milk production and the size of their horns. Pear-shaped horns are considered the best and come from the purest animals of this breed.

Kuri cattle have become rare due to interbreeding with Arab Shuwa, Red Fulani and zebu.

Kuri -bull- Cameroon/Chad/Niger/Nigeria

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