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Konari -cow- Afghanistan

(most common name)

The Konari is a variety of Afghan cattle that is well adapted to extremely hot sun.

The Konari is found in the province of Konar (also spelled Kunar) — which is northeast of Kabul, along Afghanistan’s eastern border.

The Konari is small to dwarf and is supposedly a good milking breed. Starting in 1951, crosses were made with the Jersey. Konari bull semen has also been used by farmers in the Behsud district of the Maidan Wardak province, in central Afghanistan.

Konari coat colors include:
• reddish brown (usually)
• dark red-and-white
• black-and-white

There are three varieties of Afghan cattle:
• Konari
• Kandahari

This page was last updated on: 2023-05-18

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