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Heck cattle -cow and calf- France/Germany/Latvia/Netherlands/UK

Heck cattle
(transboundary/brand name in France, Latvia, Netherlands)

(most common name):
Heck (Latvia, Netherlands, UK)
Aurochs-reconstitué (France)
local/other name (English):
• Heck’s
• Heck Aurochs
Munich-Berlin cattle
• New Aurochs
• Reconstituted Aurochs
local/other name (French):
• Aurochs de Heck
• Aurochs reconsti

Heck cattle were originally developed in Germany by the Heck brothers (Heinz in Munich, Lutz in Berlin) in the early 1900s (for details, see: Munich-Berlin cattle).

Heck cattle are, on average, a foot shorter in height than the original aurochs which had bulls averaging 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) at the withers (van Vuure, 2005). The tallest aurochs reached an additional foot (200 cm) at the withers (Felius, 1995).

Heck cattle are bred in several European countries. Recorded DAD-IS population counts include:
France (2019) - population 496
Latvia (2020) - population 69
Netherlands (2011) - population 360–500
United Kingdom (2012) - population 11

In 2016, a combined European population of 2,000 Heck cattle was thought to exist on various nature reserves and through private ownership.

In the Netherlands, Heck cattle are important for grazing and vegetation management. In Germany, they are kept on nature reserves.

NOTE: As of 2018, Heck cattle are no longer listed by Germany in the DAD-IS database.

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