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Guademar - extinct - Brazil

(most common name)

The Guademar was a Ongole × Curraleiro cross that originated in 1868 (or 1882).

After two Ongole bulls were unloaded from an English vessel in Bahai state in eastern Brazil, they were used to breed with Curraleiro cows.

The resulting offspring was called ‘Guademar’, a name which is thought to have derived from either:
• Goodman (or Godman), the name of the captain of the English ship.
• ‘godeme’ — a popular Brazilian appellative at that time for any Englishman. Godeme comes from the Hispanization during the Napoleonic era in Spain of the phrase ‘God damn it’, a phrase which British soldiers frequently repeated (Stephens, 1990; González, 1996).

The Guademar is listed as extinct in the DAD-IS database.

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