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Criollo Chaqueño -bull- Argentina

Criollo Chaqueño
(most common name in Argentina)

local/other name (English):
Argentine Criollo
local/other name (Bolovia):

The Criollo Chaqueño (Tipo hipermétrico) is considered to be the most numerous and largest variety of Argentine Criollo. These lowland cattle can be found in the Gran Chaco in the northeast of Argentina.

The Criollo Chaqueño is of the same type as the Chaqueño of Bolivia. It is a hardy beef breed that is well adapted to extreme climatic conditions varying from sub-tropical and humid to semiarid to temperate to cold.

The Criollo Chaqueño produces equally well in temperate to cold regions and shows heterosis when crossbred with British beef breeds. One of the most important traits that has rescued the breed from extinction is good ease at calving. They also do not present calving problems when used in crossing.

Purebred Criollo Chaqueño steers have been shown to be leaner than British breeds. Also, crossbred individuals seem to perform similar to purebred Angus and Hereford steers in terms of carcass and meat quality traits.

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