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Criollo Argentino Patagonico -cow- Argentina

Criollo Argentino Patagonico
(most common name)

local/other name:
• Criollo argentino patagónico
Criollo patagónico
local/other name (English):
Patagonian Criollo

Criollo Argentino Patagonico originate from a closed population of Patagonian Criollo.

Pure specimens of Criollo Argentino Patagonico can be found in Argentine Patagonia and in some conservation programs in the province of Buenos Aires (in the city of Chascomús, and the towns of General Belgrano and Tornquist).

Criollo Argentino Patagonico are used for:
• draught power
• meat
• milk
• skins and hides

All possible coat colors can be found as color selection is not performed. Males are horned; females can be horned or polled.

Observed Criollo Argentino Patagonico qualities include:
• less fatty meat than breeds of British origin raised in similar environments
• leather with a variety of colors
• no cases of keratoconjunctivitis (the simultaneous inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva)
• great capacity to adapt to different environments
• good longevity when maintained

This page was last updated on: 2023-05-16

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