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Chaco Criollo -cow and calf- Argentina/Bolivia/Paraguay

Chaco Criollo
(local/other name in English)

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name):
Chaqueño (Bolivia)
Criollo Chaqueño (Argentina)

Chaco Criollo are located in the Gran Chaco (also called the Dry Chaco, and the Chaco Plain) which is in eastern Bolivia, western Paraguay, northern Argentina, and a portion of the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The Gran Chaco region is sparsely populated and consists of the hot and semiarid lowlands of the Río de la Plata basin.

It is important to note that the soil and rainfall of the Gran Chaco differ in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. However, in all three countries the winters are dry and cold.

In Argentina, Chaqueño cattle are considered to be the most numerous and largest variety of the Argentine Criollo.

In Bolivia during World War II, Chaqueño cattle were slaughtered by the thousands in order to export beef for the army. Out of two million, only a few thousand were spared and most of these were subsequently interbred with zebu cattle. In order to conserve and develop this extremely hardy breed, the Ministerio de Asuntos Campesinos y Agriciultura (Ministry of Rural Affairs and Agriculture) started a herd of 42 Chaqueño cows at Cochabamba in 1990.

In Paraguay, British beef companies started herding Chaqueño cattle around 1900. However, Paraguay no longer lists the Chaqueño in the DAD-IS database. Ranchers there have focused more on beef (working with Herefords and zebu cattle) — so it is unlikely any of the pure Criollo type have survived.

(Spanish, adjective) Chaqueño = relating to the Chaco

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