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Central American Dairy Criollo -cow- Costa Rica

Central American Dairy Criollo
(most common name)

local/other name (Castilian):
• Aguacatero
• Cometuzas
local/other name (English):
• Central American Milking Criollo
• Costa Rican Dairy Criollo
local/other name (Nicaragua):
local/other name (Spanish):
• Criollo Lechero Centroamericano

The Central American Dairy Criollo is considered to be a variety of the Tropical Dairy Criollo.

Supervised by Dr. Jorge de Alba at the Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agricolo (Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences) at Turrialba, a breeding program to develop the Costa Rican Dairy Criollo was started in 1950. (Turrialba is a district in the Cartago province in the central part of Costa Rica.)

The breeding goal was to produce a dairy animal with the following qualities:
• high fertility
• a well-shaped udder
• well adapted to a local tropical climate
• resistant to parasites and many diseases
• ability to graze without supplements
• ability to survive the dry periods in the woods by foraging on leaves and sprouts

The Central American Dairy Criollo’s milk yield is good, however their lactation period is short.

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