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Caucasian Brown -bull- Azerbaijan/Georgia

Caucasian Brown
(most common name in English)
(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
Brown Caucasian (Azerbaijan)
(local/other name):
• Azerbaijan Brown (Azerbaijan)
• Caucasian grey (Georgia)
• Caucasian nut-brown (Georgia)
• Caucasus Brown (Azerbaijan)
Qafqaz qonuru (Azerbaijan)
local/other name (Georgian):
• Kavkasiuri tsabla
• კავკასიური წაბლა
local/other name (Russian):
• Kavkazskaya buraya (Azerbaijan)
• Kavkaskaia buraia (Georgia)

The Caucasian Brown is a composite of the Lesser Caucasus breed, Swiss Brown, Kostroma and Lebedin.

Caucasian Brown development started in the Caucasian Republics during the 1930s when the Swiss Brown was used to upgrade local cattle from Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. (In Armenia, they were called Lorii because they were bred on the Lorii State Farm between 1934 and 1940.)

The Caucasian Brown was officially recognized as a breed in 1960.

The Caucasian Brown spread to Georgia and since 1950 has supposedly been crossbred with the Brown Swiss (USA).

The Caucasian Brown adapts well to harsh climatic conditions and poor pasture. They have a high fat content in their milk which is used for local Swiss cheese. They are bred primarily for milk, but also for beef.

NOTE: As of 2018, the Caucasian Brown is not listed by Armenia in the DAD-IS database. However, Grey Caucasian and Lorii are both listed.

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