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Canchim -young bull- Brazil

(most common name)

The Canchim is a composite of Charolais (5/8) and Indo-Brazilian (3/8) zebu blood.

The Canchim originated in the 1940s in a Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) research center (formerly the Canchim Farm) at São Carlos in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

The Canchim was recognized as breed in 1953.

The Canchim coat color is white or cream and there is a small hump in the males.

Canchim Development

1940s: first lineage (maintained as a closed line)
Charolais ♂︎ × Guzerá, Indo-Brazilian and Nelore ♀︎

1986: second lineage set up to widen the genetic base
Charolais ♂︎ × 50% Canchim, 50% Nelore ♀︎

1986: both lineages were reciprocally mated

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