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Brown Swiss -cow- USA

Brown Swiss
(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• American Brown Swiss
• Brown cattle (Croatia)
• Brun Suisse (DR Congo)
• Brune des Alpes (Algeria/Burkina Faso)
• Dairy Swiss (Botswana)
• Pardo-Suíço (Brazil)
• Pardo Suizo (Argentina/Bolivia/Chile/Colombia/Costa Rica/Dominican Republic/El Salvador)
• Schwitz (Armenia)
• Suiza parda (Cuba)
• Suizo Pardo (Mexico)
• Sweizisk Brunkvæg (Denmark)
• Swiss cattle (Azerbaijan)

The Brown Swiss was developed from Swiss Brown cattle.

The first Swiss Brown bull imported into the USA entered Massachusetts in 1869 and was registered under the name ‘William Tell’ by Henry M. Clark.

Mr. Clark also imported seven Swiss Brown heifers along with ‘William Tell’ to begin the first American Brown Swiss herd.

The American Brown Swiss has become a single-purpose dairy breed and is exported worldwide to change other dual-purpose herds into this single-purpose dairy type.

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