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Braunvieh -cow- Germany

(most common name)

(transboundary/brand name):
• Brown Swiss
(local/other name):
Deutsches Braunvieh
local/other name (English):
German Brown

The Braunvieh of Germany is considered an indigenous breed that originates from Brown cattle that descended from Schweizer Torfrind cattle.

Schweizer Torfrind cattle, which date back to 200 BC, are thought to have been a brachyceros type and they went on to become the Swiss Brown.

The Braunvieh is a breed whose story has a lot of twists and turns — with the most important turn being that they are presently Germany’s version of the Brown Swiss.

(German) Schweizer = Schwyz (an early variety of Swiss Brown)
(German) Braunvieh = Brown cattle

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