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Brahman -bull- USA

(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• American Brahman
• American zebu (Brazil)

The Brahman was developed starting in the mid-1800s. The foundation stock consisted of approximately 300 various zebu cattle imported and sold over a span of 75+ years — with some being bought from the Hagenbeck Circus.

Brahman zebu foundation stock breeds include:
Krishna Valley
Red Sindhi

These zebus were crossed with American taurine cattle and this began the Brahman breed.

In 1924, the name ‘Brahman’, a breed society and herdbook were established. Ironically, because the Brahman is a beef breed, the name Brahman is derived from ‘Brahmin’ (a strictly vegetarian caste in India).

Other later major importations included mostly Guzerá and Indo-Brazilian from Brazil.

Brahman characteristics include:
• tolerance of or resistance to internal and external parasites
• ability to utilize fibrous (stringy, ropy) forage
• tolerance of heat and humidity

Brahman varieties:
Grey Brahman
Red Brahman

Use of Brahman in the origination of other breeds includes:
• Brahmousin
• Brahorn
• Bralers
• Bra-Swiss

Today, approximately 30% of cattle in the USA contain some zebu genes.

NOTE: Neither the double-muscling gene nor the rob(1;29) chromosomal translocation (known to depress bull fertility) have been detected in this breed.

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