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Blonde d'Aquitaine -cow- France

Blonde d’Aquitaine
(most common name)
(transboundary/brand name)

(local/other name):
• Aquitaine Blond
• Blondes (Australia)
• La race Blonde d’Aquitaine
• Plave akvitanske (Czechia)
• Rubio de aquitania (Chile)

The Blonde d’Aquitaine was founded on the following three ancient breeds:
Garonnais (the most important and which may also have a relationship to the Devon due to trade)
Quersey (which had been crossbred with the Durham/Shorthorn and Limousin)
Pyrenean Blond (a combination of three local strains and several varieties — of which only the Lourdais and Béarnais have survived and were not absorbed)

Blonde d'Aquitaine -bull- France Blonde d'Aquitaine -heifer- France Blonde d'Aquitaine -heifer- France

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