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Betizuak -heifer- France/Spain

(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
(local/other name):
• Bétiso (singular, France)
local/other name (French):
• Betisoak

The Betizuak is found in Basque Country — a region in Europe that is divided by the border between France and Spain.

The Betizuak is a small, semi-feral mountain breed which used to be hunted; they are now somewhat protected.

Other lesser used Basque names:
abel gorriak = ? red
behi auzoa = cattle district
etxeko behiak = home cows
herri behiak = popular cows
herri ganadua = popular cattle
kata bizarrak = ?

Further Basque translation information:
behi and ganadua = cattle
izua = wild
behi + izua = cattle wild
behiak = cows
beti = always
beti so ak = always so by (probably meaning that these cattle traveled ‘always so by’ because they were running fast away from hunters — that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.)

This page was last updated on: 2023-06-23

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