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Bazadais -cow- France

(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
(local/other name):
• Australian Bazadais (Australia)
• La race Bazadaise

The Bazadais was developed during the 19th century using Gascon and Garonnais bulls with Landaise and Marine cows.

The Landaise was a local cattle found in Les Landes. Along the Atlantic coastline of Les Landes, this same local cattle was named Marine. Most of these cattle were lost during WWII — shot for food (or fun) by soldiers with no thought as to their value or scarcity as a breed.

The Garonnais was one of the most important founding breeds of the Blonde d’Aquitaine.

For the most part, the Bazadais started out as a sturdy working breed, but now it’s raised primarily for beef.

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