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Baladi -cow- Middle East

(most common name in Egypt)
(local/other name in Israel, Syria)

(most common name):
Arab (Israel)
Jordan Baladi (Jordan)
Lebanon Baladi (Lebanon)
Akshi (Syria)
(local/other name):
• Anatolian (Hama, Syria)
• Bedouin (Homs, Syria)
• Beheri (Egypt)
• Beheiri (Egypt)
• Djebeli (Homs, Syria)
• Kleiti (Homs, Syria)
Menufi (Egypt)
• Oksh (Israel)

The name ‘Baladi’ is used for most of the indigenous cattle of the Middle East. This generic name especially refers to the shorthorned, humpless, brachyceros-type cattle of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

In Egypt, however, Baladi is the name of a specific variety of the Egyptian that is used for work and is similar to the Damietta (another Egyptian variety), but has shorter legs and a bit more weight.

Egyptian Baladi are found mainly in the lower Nile region. There is also a sub-variety in Egypt called the Menufi. Three other sub-varieties — Masri, Manzalawi, and Doumyatti — are also mentioned, but with no further documentation. (Baladi are said to be in wide distribution in northern Sudan, but also with no further documentation.)

The following Baladi descend from the Egyptian Baladi:

in Israel - Baladi are called Arab. They are a brachyceros type similar to the Jaulan, only smaller.

in Jordan - Baladi are called Jordan Baladi (also, Akshi). Here, they are used as a triple-purpose animal — dairy, meat and work. In 2007, Jordan Baladi were reported to comprise 40% of their dairy population.

in Lebanon - Baladi are called Lebanon Baladi and Lebanese Jabali (also, Akshi). They are mostly used for work.

in Syria - Baladi are called Akshi. (The Damascus is also sometimes called ‘Baladi’ as a local name.)

(Arabic) baladi = ‘my country’, local, indigenous, native, domestic

Baladi -ox- Middle East

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