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Azaouak -cow- Niger/Nigeria/Mali

(most common name in English)
(local/other name in Mali, Niger, Nigeria)
(transboundary/brand name in Niger, Nigeria)

NOTE: In the following list, country names indicate information obtained from DAD-IS as of 2023. The list is complicated because different sources give different additional names.

(most common name):
Azawak (Benin, Niger, Nigeria)
Zébu Azawak (Mali)
Zébu Azawack (Burkina Faso)

(local/other name):
• Arab (Niger, FELIUS 1995, MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
Azaouak (Mali, Niger, Nigeria)
• AzaouakDamerghou (Niger)
• Azawa (Niger, Nigeria)
• Damerghou (Niger, FELIUS 1995, MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
• Tagama (Niger, Nigeria, FELIUS 1995, MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
Tuareg (Niger, Nigeria) (FELIUS 1995, pl. MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
• • Targi (sing. MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
• • Targhi (sing. MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
• • Targui (sing. MASON DICTIONARY 2020)

local/other name (Arabic):
• Azawal (Niger, Nigeria)

local/other name (French):
• Touareg (MASON DICTIONARY 2020)

local/other name (Fulani):
• Azawa (FELIUS 1995, MASON DICTIONARY 2020)
• Azawal (FELIUS 1995)
• Azawal, pl. Azawaje (MASON DICTIONARY 2020)

local/other name (Hausa):
• Shanun Adar (Niger, Nigeria, FELIUS 1995, MASON DICTIONARY 2020)

Azaouak’ is an alternate spelling of the breed name ‘Azawak’.

This page was last updated on: 2023-06-13

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