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Austrian Yellow -cow- Austria

Austrian Yellow
(historical breed name)

(most common name):
Österreichisches Gelbvieh
(transboundary/brand name):
historical breed name (English):
• Light Alpine
• Light Mountain
• Pale Alpine
• Pale Highland
historical breed name (German):
• Frankenvieh
• Lichtes Alpenvieh
• Lichtes Höhenvieh

In 1950, the Carinthian Blond and Waldviertel Blond were combined to form the ‘Austrian Blond’. Then, in the 1960s, the Murboden was added to the Austrian Blond and this amalgamation was called the Austrian Yellow. (Separate distinct populations of Carinthian Blond, Waldviertel Blond and Murboden were thankfully still maintained.)

Initially, to develop the Austrian Yellow, limited crossbreeding with the Danish Red took place. Starting in 1970, continued upgrading with German Gelbvieh bulls eventually made the Austrian Yellow population identical to the Gelbvieh.

Österreichisches Gelbvieh was listed as extinct in Austria in 2018 and 2020, however as of 2021 there is now a small population of 7–15.

(German) Lichtes Alpenvieh = Light Alpine cattle
(German) Lichtes Höhenvieh = Light Mountain cattle

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