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Asturian Mountain -cow and calf- Spain

Asturian Mountain
(transboundary/brand name)

(most common name):
Asturiana de la Montaña
(local/other name):
• Casina
• Raza Asturiana de las montañas (RAM)
local/other name (English):
• Asturiana of the East

The Asturian Mountain is a triple-purpose breed found in the Cordillera Cantabrica mountain range, and the autonomous communities of Asturias and Cantabria.

The Asturian Mountain has a high butterfat content in its milk and the main products once marketed using it were butter and cheese. However, the Asturian Mountain was almost completely replaced by imported dairy breeds starting in the mid-1900s. In 1986 a breed society was formed to halt their demise.

The Asturian Mountain now provides Ternera Asturiana (Asturian veal) PDO and milk for several local cheeses.

This page was last updated on: 2023-05-14

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