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Argentine Criollo -cow- Argentina

Argentine Criollo
(most common name in English)

(most common name):
Ganado Criollo Argentino
(local/other name):
• Criollo
• Criolla Argentina
• Criollo Argentino

The Argentine Criollo is a locally adapted breed descending originally from Spanish cattle (which over time became Criollo cattle).

Spanish cattle entered Argentina in 1549 from Potosi (Bolivia). More followed over the Andes mountains from Chile. These cattle adapted well to Argentina’s plains, rainforests and the southern cold Patagonian steppe.

In the late 19th century, most Argentine Criollo cattle of the plains were upgraded using Hereford, Aberdeen-Angus and Shorthorn. Later, zebu breeds from the USA were also used. As of 2016, about 300,000 Argentine Criollo remain semi-isolated and in small populations (with a high degree of genetic variation between them).

In Patagonia (a sparsely populated region on the southern tip of South America governed by Argentina and Chile), conservation programs and studies of surviving purebred Criollo cattle continue. One specific finding of note is that Patagonian Criollo lack a common chromosomal abnormality (Robertsonian Translocation 1 ⁄ 29) that has been found in other Criollo cattle in Latin America and causes low fertility. Thus, Argentine Criollo are reported to have high fertility.

Argentine Criollo ecotypes:
Chaqueño (Tipo hipermétrico) largest; found in the Gran Chaco in the northeast
Serrano (Tipo eumétrico) medium; found in Southwest Salta
Fronterizo (Tipo elipométrico) smallest; found in the north

(Spanish) Tipo hipermétrico = hypermetric type
(Spanish) Tipo eumétrico = eumetric type
(Spanish) Tipo elipométrico = ellipometric type

Argentine Criollo biotype:
Patagonian Criollo

Argentine Criollo -bull- Argentina

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