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Arab -cow- Israel

(most common name)

(local/other name):
Akshi (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon)
Baladi (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria)
• Djebeli (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon)
• Bedouin (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon)
local/other name (Hebrew):
• Oksh

The Arab descends from a variety of the Egyptian known as Baladi.

The Arab is a brachyceros type similar to the Jaulan, only smaller. Until 1912, they were raised by the Palestinians in the areas of the Negev (a large desert region in southern Israel) and northern Galilee (a mountainous region in northern Israel). They have been mostly replaced by imported cattle (Damascus, Dutch Friesian, Holstein).

In Galilee, they are usually brown to black (also pied), heavier, and more compact. In the Negev, they are mostly black and very small.

The Arab is well adapted to dry areas with little rainfall and is resistant to tropical diseases. Supposedly, Arab type cattle known as ‘Bedouin’ can be found in pockets of Saudi Arabia.

In DAD-IS, as of 2020, Israel still lists the Arab — although no current population count is given.

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