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American Ayrshire
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In 1821, Henry W. Hills of Connecticut imported the first Ayrshires into America. New England pastures were rough and the winters cold; a dairy cow which could withstand both was needed. After that, the Caverly Farm of Maine and the Fairdale Farm of Vermont became early promoters of the breed.

Although the breed did spread to most of the USA, its population was mainly concentrated in the Northeast. Ayrshire herds were kept near cities for milk production and distribution during the 1920s and 1930s.

Over time, North American Ayrshires became larger and taller. But they lost some of their longevity and thriftiness, due in part to selection, but also introgression from the Red Holstein (and other breeds).

In 2012, the Ayrshire population in the USA totaled only 4,215. No recent population count is reported in DAD-IS.

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