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Akshi -cow and calf- Syria

(most common name in Syria)
(local/other name in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon)

(most common name):
Lebanese Jabali (Lebanon)
Okshi (Jordan)
(local/other name):
• Anatolian (Hama and Aleppo)
• Arabi
Baladi (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria)
• Kleiti (Homs)
• Jabali
• Julany

The Akshi descends from a variety of the Egyptian known as Baladi.

The Akshi is a brachyceros type similar to the Jaulan, only smaller. They can be black, brown, yellowish-brown, occasionally grey, and black pied — with about 30% of the population being naturally polled.

The Akshi is well adapted to dry areas with little rainfall and is resistant to tropical diseases. They will tolerate low level management and have a long reproductive life. But, in Syria, many calves do not survive because milking starts immediately after parturition.

This page was last updated on: 2023-05-13

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