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Agerolese -cow- Italy

(most common name)

(transboundary/brand name):
• Agerose

The Agerolese produces milk used for the production of the semi-hard cheese ‘Provolone del Monaco’.

The Agerolese is a derived Podolian breed that was developed from crosses of Dutch Friesian, Jersey and Swiss Brown bulls with the local population of Apulian Podolian cows.

The Agerolese is named after Agerola, a town on the Amalfi Coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula (in the Campania region, Salerno province) just opposite the island of Capri.

The Agerolese population has been considered endangered by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) since 1992.

Agerolese -bull- Italy

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