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Aceh -bull- Indonesia

(most common name)

The Aceh is found in Aceh province in north Sumatra (a large Indonesian island that is west of Java and south of the Malay Peninsula).

The Aceh community prefers Aceh meat for traditional and ceremonial dishes. Aceh cattle are also used for fighting.

The Aceh is known for being heat tolerant, resistant to various parasitic diseases (ticks and worms) and infectious diseases (i.e. Surra, MCF), and having high fertility.

Aceh cattle are described as:
• greyish to reddish white coat (usually)
• red, brown or black coat (sometimes)
• white legs and belly (sometimes)
• hump present in both sexes
• lighter color inside ears, around eyes and nose

Detailed genetic studies show the Aceh has absorbed local cattle of Madura type; their genotype is 11% banteng (Mohamad et al., 2009). Aceh are probably closer genetically to the Peranakan Ongole than to Pesisir cattle.

Mitochondrial lineages of Aceh are entirely zebu; Y chromosome data is incomplete. Comparisons to metrical data from 1926 show that the breed has become smaller; possibly larger bulls were castrated or slaughtered rather than kept for breeding.

NOTE: Incorrect breed names associated with the Aceh include:
• Acheen
• Acheh
• Achhani
• Achin
• Achinese

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