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Aberdeen­-Angus (original population) -cow- UK

Aberdeen­-Angus (original population)
(most common name)

(historical breed name):
• Northern Scotch Polled
• Polled Angus

In 19th century Scotland, in what is now the council area of Aberdeenshire, both horned and polled cattle strains were raised.

The modern Aberdeen-Angus, a highly developed beef breed, can be traced back to these two polled strains:
Buchan Humlie - bred in Buchan and known to be good dairy/beef cattle.
Polled Aberdeenshire (also named Angus Doddie) - larger and stronger, with a deep chest, a long body, and strong legs. (At that time, they also had underdeveloped hindquarters and were flat in the ribs.)

Today, there are still a few animals which can be traced back to the early herdbooks of the Aberdeen-Angus. These are known as the Original Population Aberdeen-Angus and are under the watch of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) of the United Kingdom.

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