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People laugh – but it really is true that cows don't have great handwriting. That's why we rely on others to write to us and send us pictures. The cows understand.

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Tobias Micke – Austrian Brown

Tobias Micke – Austrian Simmental

Tobias Micke – German Black Pied


Camille Duthilleul – Black Salers

Camille Duthilleul – Froment du Léon

Camille Duthilleul – Saônoise

Gilles Prince – Bazadais

Gilles Prince – Béarnaise

Gilles Prince – Blonde d'Aquitaine

Gilles Prince – Bordelaise

Gilles Prince – Brune des Alpes (Spanish Brown Alpine)

Gilles Prince – European buffalo

Gilles Prince – Gasconne

Gilles Prince – Marine Landais

Gilles Prince – Parthenaise

Gilles Prince – Vosgienne


Janka Bekefi – Carpathian Brown


Tony de Bruyn – Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRIJ)

Sandra Valk – Red Pied Friesian


Elisabeth Bergsland – Dølafe

Send your cows and a note about 'em to: