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The Cow Wall®
Cows & Curds Volume 1

(also available in paperback)

Cows & Curds Volume 1 is a 10-frame standard poster-size (24 X 36) display designed for a viewing distance of six feet. It is intentionally meant to have the look and feel of a project that you would see hanging in the halls of a local school or agricultural institution. You can view pictures of the entire current live display here.

The stylized bovine ear tags in the display include QR codes which lead to static school-friendly web pages containing My Daily Cow® information about the various cattle breeds. (There is no advertising on these pages; we are not selling cows or cheese.)

You can view the Cows & Curds Volume 1 magazine layout that is on display starting here.

Sample of two Cows & Curds Volume 1 display frames on the wall:
Cows and Curds Vol 1 - 2 frames