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Cheat Sheets are made as our need to learn arises.

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Compressor 3
Dreamweaver CS3
Final Cut Pro 6
Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Express
Flash CS4
Flip Boom Animation into Final Cut Pro 5
Flip Boom
GarageBand 4
Illustrator CS4/CS5
Illustrator CS6
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
Numbers '09
Pages '08
Password Protection
Peak Pro 6
Photoshop CS4
Photoshop CS6
Seashore 1.9
Snow Leopard: Solving Problems
Soundtrack Pro 2
Soundtrack Pro 2 to GarageBand to Keynote
Storyboard Blanks

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Basic Audio Terminology
Importing Audio from iTunes 8

Compressor 3:

Dreamweaver CS3:
Adding Image Content to Root Folders
Aligning Text with Images

Final Cut Pro 6:
1. Color Corrector Basics
2. Control Buttons in the Canvas & Viewer
3. Copy Clips To Separate Tracks Keyboard Shortcut
4. Importing Music from iTunes
5. Linking and Unlinking Clips In the Timeline
6. Timeline Patch Panel Controls Keyboard Shortcuts

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Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Express:
1. Importing iMovie Projects
2. Keying/Compositing
3. Working with Still Images

Flash CS4:
Drawing Basics

Flip Boom Animation into Final Cut Pro 5:
Pixels Matter

Flip Boom:
1. Color Palette
2. Copy and Paste in the Same Frame Using Option on Mac
3. Drawing Behind Your Image
4. Keyboard Shortcuts - Re-defined
5. Layer Order
6. Onion Skin
7. Paint Bucket
8. Published Size of Your Animation is NOT the Canvas Size
9. Shrinking Dialog

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GarageBand 4:
1. Changing Imported Audio Orange Tracks into Purple Tracks to allow tempo and pitch changes
2. How to Compose by Auditioning Loops
3. Importing Audio from iTunes '08
4. Recording Voice

Illustrator CS4/CS5:
  1. Artboard Basics
  2. New Document Basics
  3. Some General Info and Problems
  4. Joining Paths Using the Scissors Tool
  5. Some Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. Layers, Guides and Ruler Basics
  7. Line, Arc, Spiral, Rectangular Grid and Polar Grid Tool Basics
  8. Pen Tool Basics
  9. Metadata Templates
10. Selection Tools and Lasso Tool
11. Magic Wand Tool
12. Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon and Star Tool Basics
13. Pencil Tool, Smooth Tool and Path Eraser Tool Basics
14. Offset Path
15. Draw Inside and Draw Behind Basics
16. Making Compound Paths
17. Making Compound Shapes with Pathfinder Shape Modes
18. Modify Multiple Artboards
19. Panels
20. Navigation

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Illustrator CS6
1. Rectangle Tool
2. Rounded Rectangle Tool
3. Ellipse Tool
4. Star Tool
5. Align Buttons and Anchor Points
6. Navigation

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:
Common Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Numbers '09:
  1. Basic Interface
  2. Cell Basics
  3. Chart Basics
  4. File Compatibility
  5. Find and Replace
  6. Formatting Text and Numbers
  7. Importing Address Book
  8. Organizing Table Data
  9. Password Protection
10. Placeholders
11. Printing
12. Shapes and Images
13. Table Basics
14. Template Basics

Pages '08:
Make a Default Page
Copying A Grouped Image Using Shapes

Password Protection:
Password Protection Information

Peak Pro 6:
Some Keyboard Shortcuts

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Photoshop CS4:
1. Pasteboard: Changing Pasteboard Color
2. Preferences: Changing Some Default Preferences
3. Text: Preview Text in your Image
4. Re-Setting the Program
5. Screen Modes

Photoshop CS6:
Making Arrows
Drawing Custom Shapes

Importing Music from iTunes

Seashore 1.9:
1. Basics and Layers Panel
2. Float, Scale and Rotate
3. Toolbox Basics

Snow Leopard:
Solving Problems

Soundtrack Pro 2:
Adding Sound Effects
Exporting a Mix to Stereo
General Info and Keyboard Shortcuts

Storyboard Blanks:
download and print

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