VIDEO: The Pretty Pretty Princess

alliteration all along

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The story behind this video is simple. The students wanted to make a 'movie' and they were studying alliteration in school.

So each student was assigned a letter and we made sentences where every word in the sentence started with the assigned letter – e.g. Tyranny typifies tremendous tarantulas. The letters chosen were: A, M, T, S and C.

We then tried to make a story around our alliteration exercise that sort of made sense. Sort of. That's the nice thing about making films after school – they don't have to make sense as long as you're having fun – and we had fun!

Note for tech heads: This was edited using the first original version of Final Cut Pro. In the opening titles each letter was individually motion-tracked and it took a looooooong time to get this effect way back in 1999.

Also, the opening music is part of the title music from "A Clockwork Orange" and the kids found it appropriately spooky.

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