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If you make it a game, you'll make it a memory.

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The School Store Sitcom story revolves around an in-school store where students sell supplies to other students.

In our story, some students are trying to sell pens made by pharmaceutical companies with the sales pitch that, since each one has a different drug name on it, the pens are less likely to be swiped during lunch or in class.

Because no one knows what these drugs are, the fun begins when everyone keeps asking the daughter of a doctor to explain them. This, of course, drives her mad and she finally tells them to find out for themselves.

Not only do they find out, but three games based on one set of cards is invented in the process.

Game One

It's one of those whoever-has-the-most-cards-wins games. All the cards have different drugs and dosages on them and if you know what ailment(s) a card is for you get to keep the card.

Game Two

Everyone gets dealt a hand of cards until no cards are left in the deck. The dealer then chooses a patient history:
• what's the matter with someone now
• what's been hurting them before
• what treatments have been tried and their success/failure

Everyone individually sees if their cards can help and not harm the patient (over-medicating is a no-no). Whoever helps the most patients wins. (Wild card lawsuits are thrown in for fun.)

Game Three

This is the hardest level because complications are added. Everyone has to work in teams using their combined cards to get a favorable outcome. The object, of course, is to help the patient as much as possible.

Indications, Interactions and Complications - The Game
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