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MUSIC: The Titanic Song

Song and lyrics from our production of Titanic – The Silent Movie

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The Titanic Song
guitar by Woody Allen
voice/lyrics by Lishka DeVoss
music by Duke Ellington
©1998-2014 Lishka DeVoss


Missed the boat to Quebec.
Got left standin’ ashore.
Had to take the Titanic.
Don’t get around much anymore.

Took a stroll on the deck.
Played some shuffleboard too.
Awfully big, the Titanic.
Don’t get around much anymore.

An iceberg, I guess, created the mess.
We started to sink.
Everyone had a drink:
(mishmash of drink names)

Missed a lifeboat or two,
not to mention the crew.
The splash it made was gigantic.
Don’t get around much anymore.

I had to take the Titanic.
Don’t get around much anymore.

The story behind the The Titanic Song and lyrics: In 1998, Kranky Kids started performing live a choreographed piece spoofing the movie Titanic. We called it Titanic - The Silent Movie because our drastically reduced storyline was revealed to the audience bit by bit on large poster board cards that sat on an easel.

When we started doing some live radio shows, the silent movie idea (not to mention the choreography) obviously wouldn't work. So we thought it was funny to change the lyrics to the Duke Ellington song Don't Get Around Much Anymore and keep the refrain. And that's the story. Eventually, footage of one of the shows will be up on the site.

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