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MUSIC: Elizabethan Love Songs

Go To Bed Sweet Muse

Used in our production of Cinderella.

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Also named “Ultimum Vale” which is Latin for
‘a finishing stroke, a final coup’.
Written by Robert Jones in 1608.

Performed and orchestrated by Lishka DeVoss
©2007 Lishka DeVoss


Go to bed, sweet muse, take thy rest;
Let not thy soul be so oppressed:
Though she deny thee,
She doth but try thee,
Whether thy mind will ever prove unkind,
O Love is but a bitter sweet jest.

Muse not upon her smiling looks,
Think that they are but baited hooks:
Love is a fancy,
Love is a frenzy,
Let not a toy then breed thee such annoy;
But leave to look upon such fond books.

Learn to forget such idle toys,
Fitter for youths and youthful boys:
Let not one sweet smile,
Thy true love beguile,
Let not a frown forever cast thee down;
Then sleep, and go to bed in these joys.

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