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Hawaiian slang and surfer slang

DA (dah) - slang for: the

da bomb - the best, the greatest, nothing better

DA CUTE (dah cute) - slang for: darling, cute, sweet

DA KINE (dah KYN) - slang for: whatchamacallit (Used for anything that you are talking about that you can’t remember the word for.)

da kine - Hawaiian surfer slang meaning 'good' or 'the best' : I just caught da kine wave, brah.

dank - sweet

DAT (dat) - slang for: that

dawg - a guy, a male

dawn patrol - an early morning quest for surf or a surfing session

dawnie - Irish slang for: dawn patrol

dead - no surf, no waves, a flat ocean

dead presidents - paper currency of the USA; called such because each denomination is, in part, identified by the picture of a deceased US president (see also Franklins) : I'm broke, man. Gotta get me some dead presidents like now.

deak sesh - short for 'deak session'; to avoid contact for a prolonged period of time (usually done to avoid gremmies) : Hey Brah! Craig was bein' a geek so I had to pull a major deak sesh on him!

death, the -
1) the biggest
2) the most extreme
3) New Zealand slang for: a good thing

deck - the top side (upper surface) of a surfboard

deep water breaks - when swells transition quickly from deep water to shallow water over a short distance and then jack up quickly – creating large, powerful waves that are much steeper and hollower; the Pipeline in Hawaii is an example of deep water breaks caused by reefs (see also reef break)

delamination - when the laminated fiberglass skin on a surfboard becomes separated from the foam board; dings causing water leakage into the board are the most common cause; extreme heat from enclosed storage, e.g. in hot cars, can also cause the foam to shrink away from the fiberglass (see also cornskin)

dick dragger - vulgar slang for: a bodyboarder (see bodyboard)

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diffuse exostosis (also surfer's ear) - a form of exostosis, which is the formation of new bone on the surface of an already existing bone; diffuse exostosis is a build-up of new bone in the bony medial external auditory canal; this condition is prevalent among those who frequently expose their ears to cold water and wind; because this build-up prevents the body's natural normal cleaning mechanisms from functioning, left untreated, this condition leads to hearing impairment or loss and/or chronic pain from infections

ding -
1) a hole, crack, dent, or scratch on the surface of a surfboard that allows water to penetrate the foam board
2) damage to a surfboard

dipping - a shortboard maneuver used when paddling out to get under and through oncoming waves

dirt (also dirty) - New Zealand slang for: high quality : We've got us some dirt weed.

DIRTY LICK'NS (DER-ty LIHK-ihns) - slang for: a spanking

dismount - to fall or be pulled completely off the board unexpectedly

diva -
1) a wahine
2) a female surfer
3) a very talented female surfer
4) a female surfer who is over 40 years old

dogged - to nearly drown after falling or bailing off the board

doggers - multicolored swim trunks

dogging - to go backside in the pit of the wave.

Dogtown - local nickname of Pacific Ocean Park, a former amusement park that sits atop Pacific Ocean Park Pier in Santa Monica, California

donk - idiot

donkey - a jerk, a jackass

dope -
1) cool
2) the best

dork -
1) someone who behaves inappropriately
2) vulgar slang for: the main component of wedding tackle (If you don't know what that means - don't use this word.)

double blind stitch - wetsuit seams that are blind stitched on both the inside and outside of the suit

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double overhead -
1) when the wave height exceeds the height of the surfers riding it and this difference in height loosely measures four to six feet feet between the top of the average surfer's head and the lip of the wave : We've got ourselves double overhead today. (see also overhead, triple overhead)
2) a classic slang term for someone who is always exaggerating : He's all double overhead.

double overhead waves - waves that are nine to ten feet in total height before the falls; called 'double overhead waves' because their total height is twice as tall as the average surfer (remember that children and youngsters are taken into account when determining the height of the average surfer) – (see also overhead waves)

double spinner - two consecutive 360° body spins on a surfboard

double up - when two waves combine

down rail (also hard rail) - a rail that slants down starting at the deck and then rounds off to a distinct, tightly rounded edge as it meets the bottom; a down rail edge runs the entire length of the board

down the line (also on the line) - to ride the length of a wave just ahead of its crest

drag - the forceful resistance of water over the surface of a surfboard; various surfboard designs either promote or reduce drag (see also release)

drilled (also axed, pummeled) -
1) to get creamed (crushed) by something
2) to get wiped out by the lip of a wave; if you have been drilled, you have been fully done in : I got totally drilled at Pipe!

drive -
1) to generate speed during a turn
2) to accelerate while traveling down the line using pressure on the fin(s) and rails

drop -
1) to drop from the crest of the wave to the pit of the wave
2) the wave face from crest to trough; surfers take – i.e. ride in – the 'drop'

drop in (also dropping in) -
1) to catch a wave and go down the face
2) to catch the steepest part of a wave
3) to catch a wave late and then stand up in front of someone already riding that wave
4) to catch a wave that is occupied by another surfer by taking off on the shoulder while that other surfer is already taking off from deeper in the wave

drop in late - to catch the steepest part of a wave as it is breaking

drop-knee (also dropknee, drop knee) - to have one swim fin (or foot) on the front part of the deck of the bodyboard and the opposing knee on the back part of the deck – resulting in the back swim fin (or foot) hanging off the back of the board (see also prone and stand-up)

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dropping - to do a bottom turn, climb to the wave's crest, then radically cut back

dropping in (also drop in) -
1) to catch a wave and go down the face
2) to catch the steepest part of a wave
3) to catch a wave late and then stand up in front of someone already riding that wave
4) to catch a wave that is occupied by another surfer by taking off on the shoulder while that other surfer is already taking off from deeper in the wave

duck-dive (also duck dive) - a technique for diving under a breaking wave with your shortboard; done as you paddle out (see also Eskimo roll, slice, push-up, and shoot-and-scoot)

dude -
1) comrade, friend
2) name for unknown individuals
3) male surfing enthusiast
4) California slang for: guy

duder - male surfing enthusiast

dudette - female surfing enthusiast

dumping -
1) foamy whitewash from a wave found onshore
2) when waves lose their form and close out leaving little chance of being surfed

dundee - a female surfer that's had a bad wipeout

dune - a big, peaky wave

dune boarding (also sandboarding) - to ride down steep sand dunes the way snowboarders descend mountains; usually using a board strapped to the feet

dunzo - finished, done

durfer - a dumb, unintelligent surfer

durry - Australian slang for: cigarette

dweeb -
1) a geek
2) someone who acts or looks like a simpleton

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