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Vito’s Attitude Adjustment Seminars for Teenagers

We were watching a lot of Italian Mafia movies at the time amd couldn't resist.

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Hello to all you parents out there. Are you frustrated with your teenager? Are they already starting their summer of sarcasm even though it’s May? Do you suspect that the teenagers in your life have been genetically enhanced for obtuse observations and accusations, thus making it impossible to hold a conversation without being given the “how can you be so stupid” look and being told you’re wrong about “whatever” every other sentence?

If these things are making your life less than copasetic, then let me tell you about Vito’s Attitude Adjustment Seminars for Teenagers.

We have your basic package where you send your attitude-challenged family member to our facilities and we reintroduce him/her to the concepts of respect –


You listen to what you’re told. Understand?


Pulling their weight –


You want more!?


No, no, I’ll take out the garbage. I will! I will!


And knowing when to keep quiet.


Shut-up! You don’t know what you want to say until I tell you.


We will then take him/her into our advanced courses, which, with the proper physical training, will definitely make a turn-around in their attitude deficits.


This is not the Marines, you moron. You see this bat? You see it?


As I was saying, Vito’s Attitude Adjustment Seminars for Teenagers will turn your home life around and let you enjoy the respect and peace and quiet that you deserve. Find us at www dot swim with the fishes dot org.

We have an easy payment plan individually tailored for each family. For this opportunity we may ask a small favor in return.

That’s w w w dot swim with the fishes dot org. Log on and double-click on Rosa. She does our books. Rosa!

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