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Azawak -bull- Benin/Burkina Faso/Niger/Nigeria/Mali

The Azawak (aka Zébu Azawak) is a West African Shorthorned Zebu, similar to the Shuwa. They are docile and easily managed.

The breed name ‘Azawak’ is the most common breed name used in Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger and Mali. ‘Azawak’ is also used as the transboundary/brand name by Nigeria.

In Niger, as of 2012, the Azawak population was 3,341,503 – 6,581,749 and uses listed were: pack/baggage, carting, milk, riding (work), meat.

The Azawak is native to the Azawak Valley (aka Azawagh, Azaouagh) — a dry basin, mainly made up of Sahelian and Saharan flatlands, covering northwestern Niger and parts of northeastern Mali and southern Algeria. The human population of the Azawak Valley is predominantly Tuareg and Arab, with Bouzou, Wodaabe, Hausa and Zarma minorities.

The breed name ‘Azawak’ is from the Tuareg (Tamajak) language.

The Azawak is reported as being located within:
Burkina Faso - throughout the country
Niger - west coast
Nigeria - in the west and northwest (Kwara State, Sokoto State, Kano)
Mali - eastern border, Ménaka Cercle (cercle = literally ‘circle’; a subdivision of a region)

Other local names include:
Niger, Nigeria: Azawal (in Arab), Azawa (in Arab)
Nigeria, Mali: Azaouak
Nigeria: Shanun Adar (in Haussa), Tagama (in Bambara; ‘marcher’), AzaouakDamerghou (Damergou is a region within Niger.)

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