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Swamp buffalo - cow - Southeast Asia

Swamp buffalo
(most common name)

(local/other name):
• Rawa (Indonesia)
• Trau Noi (Viet Nam)

The Swamp buffalo has crescentic horns — meaning they are shaped in a single curve, like a crescent moon.

The Swamp buffalo’s head is sometimes used in ritual ceremonies at the start of construction of new buildings in Indonesia. Their horns are also used by Javan artisans in the making of handicrafts.

Note: Buffalo are not developed by deliberate selection the way cattle are. However, despite this, buffalo are very important worldwide for their contribution as a domestic animal both for work, meat and milk production.

In zoological classification, buffalo remain a separate species from common cattle. Bison also share common base characteristics (i.e. even-toed ungulate ruminants) and branch off in genus (which falls below family and above species) from common cattle and yak.

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