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Florida Scrub - cow - USA

Florida Scrub
(local/other name)

(most common name):
Florida Cracker
(local/other name):
• Florida Native

The Florida Scrub is a small, tough breed — adjusting well to high heat and humidity, numerous insects and a diet high in roughage.

The Florida Scrub belongs to the Criollo cattle group.

Criollo cattle: Northwestern Blond Iberian Spanish cattle became Canary Island cattle — some of which were brought by Columbus in 1493 to Santo Domingo (which is now the capitol of the Dominican Republic).

More and more cattle were brought by Spanish ships and these cattle then spread throughout the islands of the Caribbean and became known as Criollo cattle.

It was into Mexico in 1521 that Criollo cattle were brought to the mainland for the first time (supposedly from Santo Domingo) — and it’s from Mexico that the Criollo then spread into the Americas.

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