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Transtagana - cow - Portugal

(historical breed name)

As recently as the 1950’s, the breed name of ‘Transtagana’ (‘across the Tagus’) was used to encompass the Alentejana, the Mertolenga and the Algarvia. These three were considered subtypes of the Transtagana. However, authorities argued over their various traits and eventually decided that the Mertolenga and the Algarvia were separate breeds; ‘Alentejana’ alone then became synonymous with ‘Transtagana’.

Transtagana is a historical breed name no longer in use for the Alentejana.

The historical areas of Alemtejo and Estremadura Transtagana are now part of the region of Alentejo where the Alentejana originated.

The Tagus (Tejo in Portuguese, Tajo in Spanish) runs along the border of Spain and Portugal and is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula.

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