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Allgäuer - cow - Germany

The Allgäuer (aka Original Allgäu; Original Allgäuer Braunvieh in German) is found in the oldest breeding area in Germany of Grey Mountain cattle – the Allgäu Alps of Bavaria.

Crossbreeding changed the Allgäuer – so now it belongs to the Brown Mountain cattle group.

As a breed, the Allgäuer was originally a locally derived variety that resulted from the crossing of small Grey Mountain cattle with the Swiss Brown and the (now extinct) Montafon. But due to the continuous use of Swiss Brown bulls, that old Allgäuer variety was eventually absorbed into the German Brown by the mid-1900's.

Today's Allgäuer breed is basically a German Brown without any American Brown Swiss blood.

The Allgäuer is one of the breeds used by Heinz Heck for recreating the extinct wild aurochs of Europe.

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