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Pusteria - cow and calf - Italy/Germany

The Pustertaler (aka Pustertal; Pusteria and Razza Pusteria and Barà in Italian; Pusstataler and Pustertaler Schecken and Pustertaler Sprinzen in German) began in the eastern part of the Puster Valley — which is in the autonomous province of South Tyrol (Alto Adige) in northern Italy.

The entire Puster Valley (Val Pusteria) lies in an east-west direction between Lienz in East Tyrol, Austria and Rio di Pusteria near Brixen in South Tyrol, Italy. Tyrol (aka the Tyrole) is a historical region found in the Alps of northern Italy and western Austria.

The Pustertaler is believed to have evolved from a combination of Eringer, Tux-Zillertal, Simmental, Pinzgauer, and local blond and red cattle. The Vosges is thought to have also played a part in some herds.

The Pustertaler is bred in Austria, Italy and Germany — with Italy having the largest population.

schecken = patches of color
sprinzen = speckles of color

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