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Holstein-Friesian - cow - Germany/The Netherlands

The Holstein-Friesian of Germany (aka German Black Pied (HF); Schwarzbuntes Niederungsvieh in German) is a locally derived breed.

The German Black Pied had early development that was identical to the Dutch-Friesian due to their close geographical proximity. During the 19th century, large numbers of Dutch-Friesian cattle were imported by Germany because they were better developed.

Starting in the 1960's, the German Black Pied was altered in stages using imported Holstein sires - making it an American Holstein x European Friesian.

The Holstein-Friesian of the Netherlands (aka Dutch Black Pied (HF); Zwartbont (HF) in Dutch) is also the result of alteration through the use of imported Holstein sires in the 1960's - making it also an American Holstein x European Friesian.

By becoming Holstein-Friesians, both the German Black Pied and the Dutch Black Pied changed from being dual-purpose dairy/beef breeds into single-purpose high-producing milk breeds.

HF = Holstein-Friesian

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