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Sandra Valk – Red Pied Friesian

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Sandra Valk is from the Netherlands. Sandra contacted me to ask permission to use some cow images from the Kranky Kids website. I explained that she was more than welcome to use any images as long as they linked back to Kranky Kids. Her honesty about using images from Kranky Kids is to be applauded.

Sandra has her own website that is devoted entirely to cows - containing both serious information and fun images and videos:

(koeien maken mij blij = cows make me happy)

Sandra then gave me permission to use the photo below that she took of a cow in the town of Sittard (in the Dutch province of Limburg). Sittard is in the east of the Netherlands next to the western border of Germany – where just over on the German side is the town of Tüddern.

What's interesting about this cow is that at first glance she looks to be a Lakenvelder. However true Lakenvelders do not have a white triangle on the forehead nor do they have white socks. So based on where the photo was taken, my guess is that this is a pretty little Red Pied Friesian.

Red Pied Friesian ©2010 Sandra Valk