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Gilles Prince – Gasconne

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2008: Gilles took this beautiful picture below of a group of Gasconne (aka Gascon in English) in 2008, on July 4th. Note the brown color of the calf standing in the middle of the group – which Gilles says seems to be typical.

Gilles remembers the weather being very ‘sad’ in this mountain valley on that day. “Impossible to have a walk,” he said. “Yet on the edge of the road, there in the landscape, were these Gasconne having a rest. The grey and the green made this almost a Japanese painting.”

This photo gives the viewer a sense of ‘place’ – a very peaceful one, too. The weather and surroundings remind me of the Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon, USA.

This photo was taken in Aulus-les-bains, department of Ariège 09, France.

Gasconne ©2008 Gilles Prince